Annual Holiday Social
Thursday, December 6, 2018

6:30pm--9:00 (and onwards for some)

At The Lodge, upstairs at O'Grady's on Church St.


What to bring- Holiday cheer, good tidings, good will...and your deserving self (you've worked hard this year)

We will have finger foods and snacks throughout the event, however, you are planning on drinking -that's the only cost for you to cover.

Activities - Raffles / Contests/ Laughing/ Smiling / Speeches/ Drinking / Toasting / Carrying On / ...... in no particular order

Attire- Casual, however - ugliest Christmas / seasonal sweater will win a prize!!!!!!

Donation - If you feel like it, we will accept gift cards - any amount, any store, to put into our raffle draw where the winner takes all.  Already we have an interesting collection of cards growing. 

If you are planning on having some drinks- please plan your ride accordingly.




Stay tuned for more events to be posted here:  These may include:

  • Pool Tournament
  • Pride Parties
  • Pride Parade Gatherings to view and watch parade
  • Holiday Celebrations.  


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