Gay Fathers of Toronto



At meetings of Gay Fathers of Toronto, you will find men of all ages, stages of coming out, nationalities, faiths and identities.

We welcome fathers at any stage of their journey. Men may be coming who:

  • are still with their wives and children
  • are divorced, and share custody
  • have lost contact with their children
  • are the primary/sole parent 
  • have a partner
  • are unsure of their sexuality

We are all fathers who are just trying to determine the best path for us and our kids.


Our meetings are informal discussions.

Each meeting begins with an introduction/check-in for participants, we have a topic opened by a Facilitator that is usually the primary focus of the meeting. Ultimately it becomes an arena to share our experiences, listen to yours, and learn from one another. The power of the meeting comes from the sharing and the realization of the commonality that we all have. It is a time to be real, to allow yourself to listen and ask questions in an open supportive environment. It is also completely acceptable if you aren’t ready to share for the first little while, but would rather listen.

Through discussions about coming out, being gay, parenting responsibilities, cultural issues, finding their way into the community, etc., every man takes away what he finds relevant. GFT encourages and supports each dad to find the path that best fits his needs and situation. Coming out is not a single step but a journey of many steps. 

Together we travel that path a little more confidently and maybe make the journey a little easier.

Gay Fathers of Toronto does not have an agenda and does not advise.

There is no “right solution”, no prescription that fits every situation. Through sharing, we learn from one another. Each one of us will make the decisions necessary to move forward. For a few, this happens quickly; regardless change is difficult and occurs step-by-step. 

For all but your first meeting, we ask that you contribute $10 at the beginning of each meeting to help cover our costs. If this contribution is a financial burden please contact the facilitator present or email privately. If it is your first meeting, you are our guest and no payment is expected.



At the meeting’s conclusion, many of us gather at a nearby pub. There is no obligation to attend, but it is a good way to get better acquainted and continue the discussion. (Non-alcoholic beverages are available).

Please join us if your schedule permits.

Check our Calendar for our next meeting


GFT meeting facilitators are volunteer gay fathers who are trained to lead discussions; they are not counsellors. They are aware of the conflicting emotions and difficulties that come with change and help to guide the discussion.

Our current roster of facilitators includes:

  • Bob: Started attending 2011, Father of 2
  • John: Started attending 2008, Father of 2, Grandfather to 2
  • Chris: Started attending 2011, Father of 2
  • John: Started attending 2011, Father of 2, Grandfather to 1
  • Graham: Started attending 2003, Father of 2
  • Pedro: Started attending 2018, Father of 1
  • Daniel: Started attending 1999, Father of 2, Grandfather to 2


Attending your first meeting is a big step.  

Many of us arrived unsure of what to expect, but discovered a room of like-minded fathers.

Be assured, GFT creates a safe space where your confidentiality and right to privacy are our primary concerns.

Please connect with us if you have any questions.


The 519 Community Centre  

519 Church St.
Toronto, ON