Gay Fathers of Toronto



One thing that we’ve learned is that many of us can feel very alone and isolated in this time.

It can be a very difficult time. We understand better than anyone how a father can feel lonely in this period, especially when taking or considering the steps towards the path that is correct for himself.

Many of us find it difficult to make social connections and friends. Maybe we have always felt a little bit different – causing us to be reserved and shy. Maybe it’s from years of learning to be guarded. It could be that our social circles have become much smaller as of late. It’s also entirely possible that until now we haven’t really been around peers who are like-minded individuals.


This is where GFT Social can help.

Throughout the year we hold different social events and gatherings outside of our standard meetings and after meeting gatherings, some of those include;

  • an annual Pride Celebration
  • a Pride Parade Gathering/Viewing
  • a Summer/Fall Potluck
  • an annual Halloween Gathering on Church St
  • an annual Christmas Gathering
  • occasional Billiards Tournaments, Pub Crawls, and various special LGBTQ events in the city

If you choose to join in some of these events and gatherings, you will get to interact with like-minded fathers who are; other new members, long time members, and alumni. All of them have been where you are, can relate, and appreciate the comradery of new social interaction and friendships.


The 519 Community Centre  

519 Church St.
Toronto, ON